Areas of Expertise

  • Science communication
  • Art-science collaboration
  • European research and innovation policy
  • Autonomous weapons and security policy


German, English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French

Weronika Perlinski joined DGAP in March 2021 as a project officer of its Think Tank Lab, which provides professional training and advice to think tankers throughout Germany. The lab not only fosters organizational learning and cooperation within and between think tanks, but also promotes impact-oriented think tank work.

Before joining DGAP, Perlinski was a project manager at the Falling Walls Foundation, where she was responsible for an international forum on science policy and innovation strategy connecting leaders in science, business, policy, and society. Prior to that, she worked as a teaching assistant at Quadriga University, supervising e-learning programs in public relations and public affairs.

She is a trained social media manager and certified mediator. In addition to her work at DGAP, she supports Eufonia, an interdisciplinary and creative platform that explores the relationship between culture, art, and science through the medium of sound.

Perlinski studied European and global studies in Osnrabück and Göteborg, focusing on the interrelationships of technology, security, and democracy. In her master’s thesis, she analyzed the international efforts to control autonomous weapons and their legal and ethical implications.

Weronika Perlinski



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